REVIEW: Dashcam (2021)

dir. Rob Savage If one conducted a census, there would probably be only three people left in the country who have not seen Host, the scorchingly inventive micro-budget debut co-written by director Rob Savage, Gemma Hurley and Jed Shepherd, and filmed during lockdown. Expectations were, therefore, almost stratospheric for the team’s follow-up feature, this timeContinue reading “REVIEW: Dashcam (2021)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #20: Vincent M. Gaine on BRIGHTBURN (2019)

Spoilers Film critic, academic and podcaster Dr Vincent M. Gaine grabs the cape of David Yarovesky’s superhero horror… If you’re a fan of Marvel, you may have been watching the animated series What If? on Disney+. Within these self-contained spin-offs, Marvel deliver some pretty dark stories, distinct from the generally bright and colourful tone ofContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #20: Vincent M. Gaine on BRIGHTBURN (2019)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #19: Jenn Adams on THE CABIN IN THE WOODS (2011)

Spoilers Horror critic Jenn Adams looks back over the past ten years and asks “Why do we still have a husband’s bulge for The Cabin in the Woods?” No film celebrates the horror genre quite like The Cabin in the Woods. Part slasher, part supernatural, part, well, cabin in the woods movie, this 2011 horrorContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #19: Jenn Adams on THE CABIN IN THE WOODS (2011)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #18: Alex Kronenburg on THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999)

If you go down to the woods today… Moving Pictures contributor Alex Kronenburg boots up the old VCR to examine a classic found footage horror, and asks “Who’s to blame?” Small-town rural America, October 1994. Three student filmmakers high on naivety prepare to trek deep into the Black Hills Forest (about 25 miles west ofContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #18: Alex Kronenburg on THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999)”

ANALYSIS: “Evil Dies Tonight” / “Make America Great Again” – Trump, Myers and Right-Wing American Hysteria in HALLOWEEN KILLS (2021)

Spoilers It’s the most divisive genre film of the year: but could David Gordon Green’s Halloween sequel be the first great post-Trump horror? The traumatic aftermath of slasher films are often glossed over: in early entries the deaths were comparatively quick and clean, and even when the subgenre edged into more sadistic territory there wasContinue reading “ANALYSIS: “Evil Dies Tonight” / “Make America Great Again” – Trump, Myers and Right-Wing American Hysteria in HALLOWEEN KILLS (2021)”


Josh Stifter – director of recent FrightFest favourite Greywood’s Plot – returns to Texas for one of the most gonzo sequels ever committed to celluloid… I remember the first time I watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. I wish I could say it was some grand moment in my childhood, as I watched Leatherface chainsawContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR# 17: Josh Stifter on THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 (1986)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #16: Mary Wild on EAT (2014)

Spoilers “Eat Your Heart Out”: Freudian cinephile Mary Wild – lecturer at the Freud Museum and co-host of the Projections Podcast – takes a bite out of this underseen auto-cannibal movie… Jimmy Weber’s horror film Eat (2014) opens with out-of-work actress Novella McClure (Meggie Maddock) going through the steps of her morning routine, getting readyContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #16: Mary Wild on EAT (2014)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #15: Richard Waters & Alison Scarff on THE SHINING (1980)

Director / Producer partners Richard Waters and Alison Scarff – whose latest Bring Out The Fear (2021) is currently tearing up the festival circuit – book a stay at The Overlook Hotel… What is there left to say about Stanley Kubrick’s iconic adaptation of Stephen King’s masterpiece The Shining?  A film that is so entrenchedContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #15: Richard Waters & Alison Scarff on THE SHINING (1980)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #14: Prof G Neil Martin on CANARIES (2017)

Professor of Psychology G Neil Martin gives a neglected Welsh horror-comedy a thorough re-appraisal… A man, clearly in distress, lies on the ground. It’s dark; could be night. He’s wearing a yellow rain coat. Rain falls hard. His eyes are exopthalmic, lips tight against the onslaught of water. He’s prone, but around his wrists areContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #14: Prof G Neil Martin on CANARIES (2017)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #13: Zoë Rose Smith on BASKIN (2015)

Spoilers ‘You Carry Hell With You’: Zoë Rose Smith – Editor-in-Chief of Ghouls Magazine – explores masculinity and mental health in Can Evrenol’s Turkish shocker… The first time my therapist asked me to be open and honest with my unresolved trauma, we likened it to breaking the chains on a metaphorical latch, and simply unlockingContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #13: Zoë Rose Smith on BASKIN (2015)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #12: Mitch Bain on AFTER MIDNIGHT (2019)

Spoilers Mitch Bain – host of the Strong Language & Violent Scenes pod and composer for A Ghost Waits (2020) – writes here about the many monsters of After Midnight… While there are countless horror films across all subgenres that use a literal monster as a metaphor for a deeper, more personal conflict, few fuseContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #12: Mitch Bain on AFTER MIDNIGHT (2019)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #11: Ygraine Hackett-Cantabrana on THE EXORCIST (1973)

Spoilers Ygraine Hackett-Cantabrana – host of the What A Scream! podcast – talks about how one of the most reviled films in history spoke to her during her upbringing in Ireland… Ask any die hard horror fan when they first saw their absolute favourite horror film, and I can guarantee they will be able toContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #11: Ygraine Hackett-Cantabrana on THE EXORCIST (1973)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #10: James Rodrigues on NEAR DARK (1987)

Spoilers Film critic James Rodrigues takes a desert road-trip with Kathryn Bigelow’s vampire Western… When I first stumbled across Near Dark on Film4 late one night, I was unsure what to expect. My knowledge at the time was how this vampire film starred the less-interesting Petrelli brother from TV’s Heroes, and it had received aContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #10: James Rodrigues on NEAR DARK (1987)”

REVIEW: The Night Belongs To Monsters a.k.a. Las noches son de los monstruos (2021)

dir. Sebastien Perillo As the metaphor goes, when one is experiencing a sense of despair it feels like you are being followed around by a big black dog. Well, what if this theory was turned on its head, and during times of misery it was in fact a big white dog that came after you?Continue reading “REVIEW: The Night Belongs To Monsters a.k.a. Las noches son de los monstruos (2021)”

REVIEW: The Pizzagate Massacre (2020)

dir. John Valley Karen (Alexandria Payne) is a tenacious reporter intent on exposing a conspiracy theory that’s being pushed by a sensationalist news outlet. Having recruited a militia man named Duncan (Tinus Seaux) for security, together they fall deeper down a conspiracist rabbit hole with disastrous and violent consequences. Due to rapidly developing online technology,Continue reading “REVIEW: The Pizzagate Massacre (2020)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #8: Justin McConnell on CRITTERS (1986)

Justin McConnell – director of Lifechanger and Clapboard Jungle – on how carnivorous 80s mini-beasts buried their way into his heart… My love affair with pint-sized monsters began with Critters. I was around 12 when I first watched it, and distinctly remember the circumstances: I was home sick from school a lot when I wasContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #8: Justin McConnell on CRITTERS (1986)”

REVIEW: On The Third Day a.k.a. Al Tercer Día (2021)

dir. Daniel de la Vega Many believe a mother’s love to be incorruptible, the strongest force there is, endless and unconditional. In Daniel de la Vega’s latest this maternal affection drives one mother to desperate places as she searches for her missing young son when, following a car accident on a deserted road, Cecilia (MarianaContinue reading “REVIEW: On The Third Day a.k.a. Al Tercer Día (2021)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #7: Matt Glasby on LAKE MUNGO (2008)

Matt Glasby – journalist and author of The Book of Horror – takes a swim in the spectral waters of this underseen, frame-analysis Oz horror… Appropriately for such a quiet film, Australian chiller Lake Mungo first came to my attention via the whispers of far-from-home Antipodes. My friend Matt lent me the DVD, released by After DarkContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #7: Matt Glasby on LAKE MUNGO (2008)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #6: Rebecca McCallum on THEATRE OF BLOOD (1973)

Spoilers Rebecca McCallum – assistant editor of Ghouls Magazine and writer of our very own Hitchcock’s Women series – settles down for a night at the theatre… Hubble bubble boil and trouble! Following the announcement of the prestigious Critic’s Circle Award, a series of murders relating to the last repertory season of Shakespearean actor EdwardContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #6: Rebecca McCallum on THEATRE OF BLOOD (1973)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #5: Russell Bailey on THE HITCHER (1986)

Russell Bailey – host of the Not Just For Kids podcast – pulls over to pick up Robert Harmon’s 80s cult classic… One rain-drenched night, Jim (C. Thomas Howell) is driving from Chicago to San Diego when he spots a hitchhiker (Rutger Hauer). Picking him up they have a conversation, one that shows our driverContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #5: Russell Bailey on THE HITCHER (1986)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #4: Lakkaya Palmer on MIDSOMMAR (2019)

Spoilers Doctoral student Lakkaya Palmer takes a trip to a daylit nightmare with Ari Aster’s hallucinogenic sophomore horror. When defining folk horror, one can think of it as using landscape to evoke fear in audiences: these films often take place in isolated rural settings and use themes such as religion, paganism, witchcraft and the powerContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #4: Lakkaya Palmer on MIDSOMMAR (2019)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #3: Graham Hughes on EVIL DEAD II (1987)

Graham Hughes – director of found-footage modern classic Death of a Vlogger – reads the Latin with Sami Raimi’s mad-cap horror sequel. Groovy. I didn’t watch a full horror film until I was about 15. Scratch that. I couldn’t watch a full horror film until I was 15. Everything scared the shit out of me:Continue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #3: Graham Hughes on EVIL DEAD II (1987)”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #2: Louise Blain on THE DESCENT (2005)

Spoilers Louise Blain – presenter of Sound of Gaming on BBC Radio 3 – looks back on the claustrophobic horror classic that still… rocks. Neil Marshall’s The Descent doesn’t teeter on the top of my mental pile of the best horror movies. It doesn’t wobble, occasionally displaced by a newer 21st century upstart. No, likeContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #2: Louise Blain on THE DESCENT (2005)”


Spoilers Kicking off our #31DaysOfHorror, Mike Muncer – host of The Evolution of Horror podcast – describes his relationship with one of the most infamous horror films ever made… When I was 13 years old, I watched the scariest movie I’d ever seen. It was a grimy, cheap-looking film about a bunch of kids gettingContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #1: Mike Muncer on THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE (1974)”

ANALYSIS: Horror at Home – video rentals, paratexts and how we watch now

The way we’ve watched horror films has changed dramatically over the years. Here James C. Taylor charts the evolution of how fright flicks have been consumed, from rental stores to DVDs, streaming platforms and beyond… I became fascinated with horror films before I’d even watched one. As a child, when my parents took me toContinue reading “ANALYSIS: Horror at Home – video rentals, paratexts and how we watch now”

HITCHCOCK’S WOMEN: A Life with No Exits: Cycles of Trauma in MARNIE (1964) – Part II

Rebecca McCallum concludes her analysis here on the character of Marnie, as part of our HITCHCOCK’S WOMEN series. Please note: the following article includes discussions of rape and sexual assault. Holding the Reins Unable to fight off her compulsion to steal, shortly after meeting Mark (Sean Connery) Marnie (Tippi Hedren) commits a robbery at his publishing firm.Continue reading “HITCHCOCK’S WOMEN: A Life with No Exits: Cycles of Trauma in MARNIE (1964) – Part II”

REVIEW: Gaia (2021)

dir. Jaco Bouwer When forestry ranger Gabi (Monique Rocman) encounters extreme survivalist Barend (Carel Nel) and his son Stefan (Alex Van Dyk) she sinks into their unnerving and strange religion, realising that the woods harbour forces that are beyond her comprehension. Folk horror has been enjoying a resurgence in recent years, shaking off its ’70sContinue reading “REVIEW: Gaia (2021)”

REVIEW: Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched (2021)

dir. Kier-La Janisse Since its debut at SXSW 2021 the reputation of this three-hour-plus documentary has preceded it, with director Janisse – hitherto most famous as the founder of The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies and author of The House of Psychotic Women – crafting a thorough overview of the history folk horror. The documentaryContinue reading “REVIEW: Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched (2021)”

HITCHCOCK’S WOMEN: A Life with No Exits – Cycles of Trauma in MARNIE (1964) – PART I

Rebecca McCallum continues her series of deep dives into the leading ladies in the films of Alfred Hitchcock. Please note: the following article includes discussions of rape and sexual assault. Who is Marnie Edgar (Tippi Hedren) and what traumatic and damaging secrets are buried deep within her? An often problematic – yet equally fascinating meditationContinue reading “HITCHCOCK’S WOMEN: A Life with No Exits – Cycles of Trauma in MARNIE (1964) – PART I”

REVIEW: Candyman (2021)

dir. Nia DaCosta There’s a moment around the mid-point of Nia DaCosta’s Candyman where struggling artist Anthony (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) glances at a mirror only to see the titular spook staring back at him. It’s a fright that’s been coming for a while, Anthony spiralling down a blood-clotted rabbit hole as he investigates the historicContinue reading “REVIEW: Candyman (2021)”

REVIEW: The Advent Calendar a.k.a Le calendrier (2021)

dir. Patrick Ridremont Horror has never been short of Christmas delights, The Advent Calendar being the latest to join the ranks of the Ghoul-tide subgenre. Patrick Ridremont’s sophomore outing is an oddly charming affair, modern fairy-tale clashing with more grounded trauma. When the titular calendar comes into the possession of Eva (Eugénie Derouand), a formerContinue reading “REVIEW: The Advent Calendar a.k.a Le calendrier (2021)”

REVIEW: The Found Footage Phenomenon (2021)

dir. Sarah Appleton and Phillip Escott Found Footage has always been a bit of an outlier in the horror landscape, the peculiar nature of purposefully capturing accidental reality on film being simultaneously easy to execute, yet difficult to successfully pull off. But the subgenre’s power to change the trajectory of filmmaking is undeniable, and theContinue reading “REVIEW: The Found Footage Phenomenon (2021)”

REVIEW: Ultrasound (2021)

dir. Rob Schroeder Three stories are somehow connected in this puzzling sci-fi mystery: Glen (Vincent Kartheiser) finds himself somehow teetering on the edge of fatherhood after an unusual encounter, unsure of how he got there; Katie (Rainey Qualley) is a young woman navigating a psychologically abusive affair with an affluent and seemingly clean cut politician;Continue reading “REVIEW: Ultrasound (2021)”

REVIEW: No Man of God (2021)

dir. Amber Sealey. A slow-burn character study that examines the complicated relationship between serial killer Ted Bundy (Luke Kirby) and FBI analyst Bill Hagmaier (Elijah Wood). Bundy, now incarcerated and awaiting execution, has refused any and all interviews, refusing to discuss his heinous crimes. Until now. Based on the real-life transcripts between the two (HagmierContinue reading “REVIEW: No Man of God (2021)”

REVIEW: As in Heaven, So on Earth a.k.a Come in cielo, così in terra (2020)

dir. Francesco Erba Opening with a piano score, a distressed mother asks for forgiveness and begs for mercy, making a TV appeal to the kidnappers of her daughter. Viewers are as yet unsure what’s happened, while the scenes of woodland locations and stop-motion figures initially offer few clues. Split across three different points in time,Continue reading “REVIEW: As in Heaven, So on Earth a.k.a Come in cielo, così in terra (2020)”

REVIEW: Nocturna: Side A – The Great Old Man’s Night (2021)

dir. Gonzalo Calzada. Every once and a while a film comes along that transcends genre: and Nocturna (Side A) is just such a picture. One scene can capture the darkest nightmares and in the same frame deliver heart-wrenching sorrow, form following function and imagery working to strengthen a theme that touches all – genre fanContinue reading “REVIEW: Nocturna: Side A – The Great Old Man’s Night (2021)”

INTERVIEW: Alex Noyer, director SOUND OF VIOLENCE (2021)

“The character story makes her very likeable while her creations make her impossible to like. I want that conflict to live in the audience” With its cocktail of pleasure and suffering, Sound of Violence charts one woman’s recovery from trauma by making music out of other people’s pain. Here we turn up the volume withContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Alex Noyer, director SOUND OF VIOLENCE (2021)”

REVIEW: Prisoners of the Ghostland (2021)

dir. Sion Sono Celebrated director Sion Sono’s latest offering has been described by star Nicolas Cage as “the wildest movie” he’s ever made: quite the statement from an actor whose back catalogue includes Vampire’s Kiss and Mandy. Regardless of whether that claim rings true there is no doubt that this actor/director partnership is an excitingContinue reading “REVIEW: Prisoners of the Ghostland (2021)”

REVIEW: Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It a.k.a Zhanym, ty ne poverish (2020)

dir. Yernar Nurgaliyev Whilst discussing baby names with his pregnant wife, a heated argument ensues which sees Dastan (Daniar Alshinov) on the receiving end of constant put-downs. As a result he decides to escape for a day by taking a fishing trip with two old friends: an ineffectual police officer and sex-doll salesman. His hopesContinue reading “REVIEW: Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It a.k.a Zhanym, ty ne poverish (2020)”

REVIEW: Touch (2020)

dir. Aleksandra Szczepanowska. Marking the directorial debut of multi-talented actor/writer/producer Aleksandra Szczepanowska, this ambitious erotic thriller stars Szczepanowska as Fei Fei, a Caucasian western woman living in China on a long-term visitor’s permit. Despite being married to a successful Chinese executive and having a young son, she’s continually frustrated by the country she loves, andContinue reading “REVIEW: Touch (2020)”

REVIEW: The Last Thing Mary Saw (2021)

dir. Edoardo Vitaletti. In 1800s New York, Mary (Stefanie Scott) – a young girl blindfolded and bloody – tells the tale of the circumstances surrounding the death of her family’s matriarch and the subsequent events that unfolded. As the story flashes back we see Mary’s staunchly religious family chastise and punish her increasingly amorous relationshipContinue reading “REVIEW: The Last Thing Mary Saw (2021)”

INTERVIEW: Richard Waters, director BRING OUT THE FEAR (2021)

“Bringing the film to FrightFest is like bringing it home” With its fabulous central performances and terrifying concept, Bring Out The Fear looks set to be one of the best of this year’s FrightFest. Here we sit down with director Richard Waters to talk low-budget film-craft, making movies with his partner Alison Scarff and whatContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Richard Waters, director BRING OUT THE FEAR (2021)”

REVIEW: Captive (2020)

dir. Savvas Christou. It’s been said that producing a satisfying conclusion to a horror film is the most challenging thing to accomplish in the genre. With an ending which allows audiences to exhale whilst also unravelling the twists and turns of often ambiguous narrative strands Captive, alternatively titled as Katherine’s Lullaby, boasts a final 10Continue reading “REVIEW: Captive (2020)”

REVIEW: Coming Home In The Dark (2021)

dir. James Ashcroft. Teacher Alan “Hoaggie” Hoaganraada (Erik Thomson) is on a wholesome family road-trip in the remote countryside with wife Jill (Miriama McDowell) and their sons Maika and Jordan (Billy and Frankie Paratene) when they’re accosted and violently attacked by two strangers. It falls to Hoaggie to figure out what connection he has withContinue reading “REVIEW: Coming Home In The Dark (2021)”

REVIEW: Broadcast Signal Intrusion (2021)

dir. Jacob Gentry When working late one night, video archivist James (Harry Shum Jr.) stumbles across a recording of an old pirate broadcast where figures unknown interrupted a TV show with their own subversive signal. Initially intrigued, James quickly spirals into obsession as he seeks to locate the creators of this “intrusion”, convinced there isContinue reading “REVIEW: Broadcast Signal Intrusion (2021)”

REVIEW: Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (2021)

dir. Junta Yamaguchi Following in the footsteps of 2017’s One Cut of the Dead, this Japanese sci-fi comedy explores the boundaries of narrative filmmaking and presents a sweet and uplifting story about the power of positive thinking. Kato (Kazunari Tosa) discovers the monitor connecting his upstairs apartment to the café he manages below is aContinue reading “REVIEW: Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (2021)”

REVIEW: The Unburied a.k.a El cadáver insepulto (2020)

dir. Alejandro Cohen Arazi Upon the death of his towering, patriarchal ‘papa’, young psychiatrist Maximiliano (Demián Salomón) returns to his former foster home, but it soon becomes clear that a complicated and disturbing past lingers on. Despite some admirable elements The Unburied can’t help but end up a disappointing watch. Salomón is an effective lead,Continue reading “REVIEW: The Unburied a.k.a El cadáver insepulto (2020)”

REVIEW: The Exorcism of Carmen Farias a.k.a. El Exorcismo de Carmen Farías (2021)

dir. Rodrigo Fiallega After her mother’s death, reporter Carmen (Camila Sodi) discovers she’s inherited her grandmother’s old house, a property she believed was sold long ago. She moves in, wishing to discover more about her family, although her arrival unlocks dark secrets her ancestors wished to keep hidden for her own safety. From wax inContinue reading “REVIEW: The Exorcism of Carmen Farias a.k.a. El Exorcismo de Carmen Farías (2021)”

REVIEW: Isolation (2021)

dir. Larry Fessenden, Andrew Kasch, Dennie Gordon, Bobby Roe, Adam Brown & Kyle I. Kelly, Alix Austin & Keir Siewert, Zack Passero, Alexandra Nearly, and Christian Pasquariello Similar to last year’s Host, this anthology of 9 short films was entirely conceived and shot during lockdown: however whilst Host’s events occurred as a consequence of shelteringContinue reading “REVIEW: Isolation (2021)”

REVIEW: La Sombra Del Gato a.k.a. Shadow of the Cat (2021)

dir. José María Cicala. Within genre cinema, many works fall neatly into various subgenres, and audience satisfaction can come from seeing the ways in which these films fulfil or subvert the tropes of these categories. There’s a particular pleasure to be gained however from films that live outside the usual generic classifications, and carve outContinue reading “REVIEW: La Sombra Del Gato a.k.a. Shadow of the Cat (2021)”

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