TOP 9: Horror Gifts for 2022

It’s me, Billy! Ahem, I mean it’s nearly Christmas! But what to get the horror lover in your life (or maybe a sneaky something for yourself). Alex Kronenburg has you covered with our Top 9 Horror Gift recommendations for 2022…

1. For those who obey…

John Carpenter’s cult classic They Live has never been as relevant as it is right now. Roddy Piper’s Nada takes centre stage in this t-shirt which captures both the style of the film and the oppressive tension Carpenter invokes. CONSUME!

Available from Last Shirt on the Left here.

2. For those who just want to be famous…

Anni Jyn is a Yorkshire based illustrator and designer whose work combines flowing line work and striking tones to create some of the most unique art available at adorable prices. Anni is also a horror fan and so inevitably many of her pieces are inspired by her favourite examples from the genre. This ‘Pearl’ print stares invitingly at the viewer whilst the distorted image reflects Mia Goth’s character’s more psychopathic tendencies. Put the X in X-mas this year. 

Available from here.

3. For those that never forget…

Arrow Video has been horror’s biggest advocate since its establishment in 1991. Since then, it’s collected genre examples from all over the globe and given clamouring fans the opportunity to enjoy these in the comfort of their own home. Arrow Video is not a distributor it’s a public service. This Christmas Arrow is gifting us with the entire The Grudge collection on Blu-ray, the first time it has been available on the format. As well as the 4K restoration there is  60 page collectors booklet, art cards and bonus features to last you until 2023.Go on ‘Ju’ know you want to. 

Available from Arrow Films here.

4. For those with an itch to scratch…

Whether you’re a seasoned scare nerd looking to re-watch the classics or new to the community, this movie scratch poster will prove invaluable. From The Hills Have Eyes to Hereditary this poster will ensure you are fully educated in the horrific.

Available from Men Kind here.

5. For those who like to dream…

Look who’s coming down the chimney. A man dressed in red. A jolly man with an unforgettable laugh. A man who makes all your dreams comes true. That’s right. It’s Freddy. You and your friends can reenact all of your favourite scenes from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors complete with ultra-realistic Freddy glove. NECA have absolutely nailed the distressed industrial aesthetic complete with hand crafted metal fingers that makes Freddy Kreuger’s look so iconic. And you thought Fred Claws was a bland festive comedy…

Available from In Demand Toys here.

6. For those with Mummy issues…

Ever wondered what drove Norman to kill? How The Babadook was summoned? Or what Paimon wanted with Peter? Our very own Rebecca McCallum offers this fascinating insight into the Mother/Son relationships that are pivotal to Psycho, The Babadook and Hereditary. Written by our very own senior contributor Rebecca McCallum, Mums and Sons is a rare combination of beautifully crafted prose and clear, insightful analysis. With vivid illustrations by Ken Wynne that perfectly compliment Rebecca’s dive into the darkest recesses of horror’s most iconic maternal minds, this pocket book is an absolute must the season. 

Available from Plastic Brain Press here.

7. For those with terrifying toes…

Give your feet a killer make-over this Christmas. These handmade socks come in a multitude of designs to satisfy any fan, so whether you’re a Camp Crystal Lake counsellor or a Haddonfield resident you can represent your favourite franchise in style. 

Available from Etsy here.

8. For Those with a sweet tooth…

The festive period is full of holiday traditions: roasting chestnuts on an open fire with a glass of mulled wine in hand; decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments and keepsakes collected through the years; and of course hand crafting your very own Graham family Treehouse made entirely from gingerbread. This kit sold by American distributor A24 comes complete with four “birch” legs, ladder and a cast-iron mold that bakes your own Peter, Paimon and delicious cult worshippers for you to devour. So gather your relatives round so they can admire your unholy creation whilst enjoying a suitably tense Christmas Dinner together. 

Available from A24 here.

9. For those who want to play forever and ever…

Love Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining? Love/Hate mice? Then this is the perfect treat for you. Just when you thought the Grady Twins couldn’t be more creepy, they appear as taxidermy mice. BeaOddCreations has recreated Danny’s iconic encounter with the Grady Twins in the corridors of the Overlook Hotel. Displayed in a glass case adorned with the Overlooks dizzying carpet this definitely has a big WTF factor. For the ones you hold dear remember – Nothing says Christmas like taxidermy. 

Available from Etsy here.

© Alex Kronenburg

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