Our Writers

Tim Coleman


As well as editing Moving Pictures Film Club Tim works as a freelance film critic, writing for Total Film, JumpCut Online and various other outlets. He’s also a screenwriter and was a finalist for the Newblood 2018 competition run in conjunction with FrightFest.

Amy West


Amy is a film and TV writer, who typically writes for Digital Spy. She has also penned pieces for publications such as SciFiNow, RadioTimes and Total Film, and is big into survival dramas, campy – and often blood-soaked – supernatural horror, teen-centred Netflix shows and Disney movies.

James Rodrigues


When not writing for his own site The Reviewing Rodders James tries to whittle down his ever-expanding watchlist, as well as contributing to Snakebite Horror and Zobo With A Shotgun. He’s never seen Gone With The Wind, but has seen at least 10 Pokémon films.

Alex Kronenburg


Alex has been a film educator for almost a decade. When he isn’t lecturing students he likes to lecture the public, writing pieces for Picturehouse, Liverpool Noise Magazine and Film Stories. He’s a shameless cinephile and even more shameless Nicolas Cage super fan.

Stevie Webb


Stevie has been been performing on stage and screen since the age of 8. After 30 years of obsessing over horror films, he’s put his passion to use in the form of ‘Brain Rot – an 80s Horror Podcast’. Focusing on the ‘so bad, they’re good’ films of the VHS era, he and an array of special guests revisit a different schlocky trash-fest each week, to see how they hold up.

Zoë Rose Smith


Zoë is a film journalist and founder of Zobo With A Shotgun website, podcast and YouTube. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Ghouls Magazine, and has written for Scream Horror Mag, Jumpcut Online and Horror News Net. Her speciality lies in anything extreme, with a penchant for nasty, gory and controversial horror films and books.

Melissa Cox


Melissa is a Brighton-based found footage enthusiast and Wendy Torrance defender who, according to Spotify, listens to far too much John Carpenter. She’s a contributor at Ghouls Magazine, reviews and recommends short horror films and stories on her blog Short and Sour, and when not watching horror movies can usually be found watching pro-wrestling or EastEnders instead. 


Rebecca McCallum


A horror scholar and film journalist, Rebecca is Assistant Editor at Ghouls Magazine and specialises in writing think-pieces that dissect and analyse the genre. In addition to contributing articles for The Evolution of Horror, Zobo With A Shotgun, Horror Homeroom, Screen Queens and Anatomy of a Scream she also has a series with Rue Morgue on the Women of the Jack the Ripper films.

Ygraine Hackett-Cantabrana


Ygraine (who sometimes uses her stage name Oh Golly! Miss Dolly!) is an Irish pinup model, burlesque performer and podcast host of What A Scream’Deeply obsessed with all things dark and macabre from a frighteningly young age, she also co-produces events for Women in Horror Month in Ireland.

Lakkaya Palmer


Lakkaya is a soon to be PhD student at University College London, researching portrayals of Fatherhood in American Horror Cinema. She is a horror fanatic who has contributed to Headpress Publishing and Horror Homeroom. When she’s not watching horror films, you can find her watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure or Attack on Titan. 

Lindsay Dawson


Lindsay is a Los Angeles native who overthinks things and has a tattoo of a quill because “I’ll always have a pen on me.” In addition to her own writing, she strives to amplify voices of writers outside of the mainstream. If you give her coffee enough times, she will fall in love with you.

Maureen Foster


Maureen is an author, poet, and mom living in Los Angeles. Her latest book is Alien in the Mirror: Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Glazer, and Under the Skin (McFarland & Company, Inc., 2019).

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