HITCHCOCK’S WOMEN: A Marked Woman – Alicia Huberman in NOTORIOUS (1946) – PART I

Spoilers In the latest instalment of her Hitchcock’s Women series, Rebecca McCallum goes undercover with a tale of sex, spies and second chances… Alicia Huberman (Ingrid Bergman) is the daughter of a Nazi spy who, in the film’s opening, finds himself facing a life sentence for being an American traitor. Juggling coming to terms with herContinue reading “HITCHCOCK’S WOMEN: A Marked Woman – Alicia Huberman in NOTORIOUS (1946) – PART I”

ANALYSIS: “His name was Jason” – cycles of grief in FRIDAY THE 13th (1980)

Spoilers Everyone knows the story of Camp Crystal Lake. But could it be that beneath the surface of this seminal slasher there are deeper themes of grief, loss and trauma? Tim Coleman makes the case… The original Friday the 13th, famously, doesn’t feature Jason Vorhees: unless one’s counting the final jump-scare which may / mayContinue reading “ANALYSIS: “His name was Jason” – cycles of grief in FRIDAY THE 13th (1980)”

ANALYSIS: The Final Girl of Our Dreams

Spoilers Rebecca McCallum assesses the journey of Nancy and Heather across the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise… Fearless and tenacious, with an inner fight that will not be quashed, Nancy Thompson is one of horror’s most adored and memorable final girls, brought to life by the incomparable Heather Langenkamp, who – as director Wes CravenContinue reading “ANALYSIS: The Final Girl of Our Dreams”

ANALYSIS: Complicated Views on Family in MALIGNANT (2021)

Spoilers Horror fans always have a lot to say, something especially true regarding James Wan’s latest, Malignant. I loved it, from the campy beginning to bonkers ending, and immediately knew it would become part of my regular rotation. In particular I adored how Malignant tackled a topic I haven’t seen much in horror lately: familyContinue reading “ANALYSIS: Complicated Views on Family in MALIGNANT (2021)”

INTERVIEW: Damian Mc Carthy, director CAVEAT (2020)

Spoilers As part of our end of year review, we sat down with director Damian Mc Carthy to talk all things Caveat, one of the scariest – and best – films of the year…  I understand Caveat had a troubled journey to the screen. What happened? In 2016 we tried to raise a small amountContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Damian Mc Carthy, director CAVEAT (2020)”

TOP 10: Films of 2021

It’s been another tough year across the board, but horror cinema has continued to thrive, showcasing a veritable smorgasbord of incredible films. Here we polled our contributors to come up with our Top 10 of 2021… 10. Come True Anthony Scott Burns’ film is a cracking combination of Carpenter and Craven, a nightmarish journey withContinue reading “TOP 10: Films of 2021”

HITCHCOCK’S WOMEN: Murder in Mind – Lina Asygarth in SUSPICION (1941) – PART II

Spoilers Rebecca McCallum concludes her analysis of Suspicion, part of her Hitchcock’s Women series exclusively for Moving Pictures Film Club. The Spell of Murder Is Cast    Whilst out driving one afternoon, Johnnie asks Lina if she has any regrets marrying him, a question she adroitly turns around on him, possibly because she is worried sheContinue reading “HITCHCOCK’S WOMEN: Murder in Mind – Lina Asygarth in SUSPICION (1941) – PART II”

REVIEW: Slumber Party Massacre (2021)

dir. Danishka Esterhazy In a cabin in the woods a group of college-aged girlfriends party in their PJs, eat pizza and talk about their sex lives, blissfully unaware of a shadow at the window. Perhaps it’s a skeezy ex-boyfriend; perhaps it’s someone else. Either way, before long a killer with a phallic shaped weapon willContinue reading “REVIEW: Slumber Party Massacre (2021)”

HITCHCOCK’S WOMEN: Murder in Mind – Lina Asygarth in SUSPICION (1941) – PART I

Spoilers Darkness, doubt and the art of compromise: Rebecca McCallum continues her Hitchcock’s Women series with another deep dive into a tale of gender and intrigue… Suspicion offers a portrait of one of Hitchcock’s most unlikely couples. Lina (Joan Fontaine) is bookish, prim and respectable. By contrast, her love interest Johnnie (Cary Grant) is aContinue reading “HITCHCOCK’S WOMEN: Murder in Mind – Lina Asygarth in SUSPICION (1941) – PART I”

TOP 10: Winter Horror Reads

Looking for something spooky to keep you warm these winter months? Mark Goddard – host of the Bloody Good Reads podcast – has got you covered… As a book podcaster I’ve had the pleasure of delving into some amazing titles over the years. From boys and their monsters to backwoods creatures and a final raceContinue reading “TOP 10: Winter Horror Reads”