TOP 10: FrightFest Films

Ever since its first event in 2000, FrightFest has served up a wealth of fascinating horror and horror-adjacent films across the August Bank Holiday weekend. Some are highly anticipated, but many grow from word of mouth as the unsuspecting audiences discover gems worth recommending. As a result whilst many become cult-classics released on boutique labels,Continue reading “TOP 10: FrightFest Films”

REVIEW: Werewolves Within (2021)

dir. Josh Ruben. Forest ranger Finn (Sam Richardson) is a nice guy, or perhaps – with an early scene showing him listening to a motivational tape about being more assertive – he’s too nice. Apparently walked over by his partner and stationed to a new posting in mountainside Beavertown, his neighbourliness is about to beContinue reading “REVIEW: Werewolves Within (2021)”

REVIEW: Prey (2019)

dir. Franck Khalfoun. A Polaroid camera clicks and whirrs, the developing photos showing a clergyman, his wife and young daughter setting up home and church on an island near Malaysia. The final photo shows the church burning, posing a central mystery: what happened on this island? Best known for his 2012 remake of Maniac, directorContinue reading “REVIEW: Prey (2019)”

ANALYSIS: “Baby-dook-dook…”: THE BABADOOK and Postpartum Depression

This thing had spent months inside of me, underneath my skin, parasitically living off me, and in a fit of guttural screams, blood and body parts it burst forth into this world. It may have left my body, but it won’t leave me, following me around wherever I go. It still clings to me, evenContinue reading “ANALYSIS: “Baby-dook-dook…”: THE BABADOOK and Postpartum Depression”

HITCHCOCK’S WOMEN: The World Beyond the Window – Lisa Fremont in REAR WINDOW (1954) – PART I

Rebecca McCallum continues her series of deep dives into the leading ladies in the films of Alfred Hitchcock. On the surface, Rear Window (based on short story It Had to be Murder by Cornell Woolrich) appears to be a light-hearted tale of crime and mystery mixed with a frothy and charming romance. However, underneath lurksContinue reading “HITCHCOCK’S WOMEN: The World Beyond the Window – Lisa Fremont in REAR WINDOW (1954) – PART I”

REVIEW: Son (2021)

dir. Ivan Kavanagh. Laura (Andi Matichak) drives through the sleeting rain, the religious zeal of radio preachers merging with the cacophonous storm outside. Seeking shelter at a diner she clutches her pregnant belly, wearing only a dirtied night dress, her bare feet filthy. Unseen, two men dressed in black enter, see her, and slip wordlesslyContinue reading “REVIEW: Son (2021)”

REVIEW: Fear Street Part 3 – 1666 (2021)

dir. Leigh Janiak. When we last saw Deena (Kiana Madeira) she was crouched over the bones of Sarah Fier – the notorious Shadyside witch whose curse on the local community has driven countless people to become serial killers during the 300 years since her execution. Deena had been trying to reunite Sarah’s body with herContinue reading “REVIEW: Fear Street Part 3 – 1666 (2021)”

TOP 10: Gateway Horrors for Kids

A T-Rex flips over the car, tearing it apart to get to the two children inside. A young woman screams in agony, bobbing in and out of the ocean before disappearing completely. The rabbit thrashes wildly, blood foaming at its mouth as it tries to loosen the snare around its throat. Horror has always lingeredContinue reading “TOP 10: Gateway Horrors for Kids”

REVIEW: Fear Street Part 2 – 1978 (2021)

dir. Leigh Janiak. It’s the summer of ’78 and Camp Nightwing is in full swing, teens from the rival towns of Sunnyvale and Shadyside ramping up for their annual Color War games, whilst counsellors have sex and smoke pot. But the legend of Sarah Fier still haunts the edges of their collective consciousness, with darkContinue reading “REVIEW: Fear Street Part 2 – 1978 (2021)”

REVIEW: My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To (2020)

dir. Jonathan Cuartas. Siblings Dwight (Patrick Fugit) and Jessie (Ingrid Sophie Schram) are trying to make ends meet: they work long hours in menial jobs, eat TV dinners and spend their evenings looking after their sickly, housebound brother Thomas (Owen Campbell). Like many carers, Dwight and Jessie will do anything to improve their loved one’sContinue reading “REVIEW: My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To (2020)”