REVIEW: The Creeping (2022)

dir. Jamie Hooper

When Anna (Riann Steele) finds her grandmother becoming increasingly erratic she decides to move back home to care for her. But along with family friend Karen (Sophie Thompson) Anna soon discovers an inherent evil that refuses to be forgotten.

Although The Creeping marks director Hooper’s debut feature he’s racked up numerous technical credits over the past decade: experience evident given the slick production here where he laces the narrative with well-crafted scares that wouldn’t be out of place in a James Wan film. The comparison to Wan doesn’t end there though, with the plot revelling in the simplicity of its set-up, much like The Conjuring or Insidious before it. With a story that’s been in horror since the genre’s infancy, the impact (when executed well) still lands a punch, even though it’s familiar.

As things reach their predictable climax, supernatural scares give way to something more brazen which only emphasises the production’s limited budget. Still, it’s a satisfying conclusion that manages to deliver on both emotional and cerebral fronts. 

With solid performances from established and fresh faces alike, The Creeping really shines in moments of simple connection between its characters. Hooper directs these with real consideration and sensitivity, resulting in a film which – although flawed – feels authentic.

© Alex Kronenburg


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