REVIEW: The Woman With Leopard Shoes (2020)

dir. Alexis Bruchon. When hired by an anonymous woman a thief (Paul Bruchon, brother of director Alexis) breaks into a country villa to steal a box of incriminating evidence. But when the homeowner returns early – along with guests – the thief finds himself forced into hiding, desperately trying to escape whilst piecing together whyContinue reading “REVIEW: The Woman With Leopard Shoes (2020)”

REVIEW: Vicious Fun (2020)

dir. Cody Calahan. Joel (Evan Marsh) is having a rough day: as a horror mag writer who’s tired of the same old tropes, an early scene sees him berating a hack producer for slow moving killers and jump-scares that diffuse suspense. Things aren’t much better at home, where he pines over his glamourous housemate afterContinue reading “REVIEW: Vicious Fun (2020)”

REVIEW: The Old Ways (2020)

dir. Christopher Alender. After venturing into a ‘cursed’ cave in the jungle of Veracruz, reporter Cristina (Brigitte Kali Canales) finds herself abducted by superstitious locals who believe she’s possessed by a demon. Her rational pleas are ignored by all – including her cousin Miranda (Andrea Cortés) – and despite her protests they begin an increasinglyContinue reading “REVIEW: The Old Ways (2020)”

INTERVIEW: Sam Ashurst, writer / director, A LITTLE MORE FLESH

I describe my stuff as being arthouse meets grindhouse. Sam Ashurst With his big beard, slicked back hair, dark tee and matching suit jacket, Sam Ashurst looks every inch the cult leader, an impression bolstered as he starts to speak. “I’m definitely a weirdo,” he smiles, staring down the barrel of the webcam; “I’m tryingContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Sam Ashurst, writer / director, A LITTLE MORE FLESH”