REVIEW: Blast a.k.a. Déflagrations (2021)

dir. Vanya Peirani-Vignes

Sonia (Nora Arnezader) works for a private company that specializes in de-mining and de-rigging bombs, a line of work which comes home when she finds herself trapped in a car rigged with explosives, along with her son and her partner’s daughter. Now she and her colleagues must race against the clock before they – and the surrounding area – are reduced to dust.

Thrillers that are situationally and physically fixed to one spot – especially one which is meant to be a safe space – are relentlessly intense. Blast takes this premise and combines it with a procedural style bomb disposal, as well as a pinch of family drama, and tops it all off with just a hint of political commentary.

Unfortunately its shortcomings include a lack of any real depth of characterisation or emotional investment. It’s this empathetic connection that’s essential in making viewers care about the outcome, and its absence is keenly felt. Another shortfall is in the portrayal of a political discourse, which feels more like an afterthought than a fully actualized raison d’etre.  

For fans of shows such as CSI or Criminal Minds then this is an enjoyable take on classic who-dunnit stylings, and although the outcome is entirely predictable Blast is an easy-watch thriller with plenty of action to keep things ticking along.


Ygraine Hackett-Cantabrana

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