REVIEW: Val (2021)

dir. Aaron Fradkin Taking a familiar set-up (an on-the-run criminal breaks into the home of a high-class escort) this latest work from director Aaron Fradkin (who co-writes with Victoria Fratz) skilfully manages to break free of predictability. For Val, both the character and film, is a breath of fresh air. Delightfully breezy without taking itselfContinue reading “REVIEW: Val (2021)”

REVIEW: For Roger (2021)

dir. Aaron Bartuska Influenced by low budget hit The Blair Witch Project, Aaron Bartuska’s second feature follows the titular Roger (Michael Andrusiewicz) as he returns to his family’s remote cabin after the death of partner Clara (Jenna Gibilisco). Once there he reminisces over home videos, but as time goes by Roger realises that he andContinue reading “REVIEW: For Roger (2021)”

REVIEW: Father of Flies (2021)

dir. Ben Charles Edwards Flecked with tinges of the American gothic, director Ben Charles Edwards’ sophomore outing is a slowly creeping, dark and tragic insight into a family who are haunted by unimaginable trauma. Young Michael (Keaton Tetlow) and his teenage sister Donna (Page Ruth) attempt to come to terms with their absent mother andContinue reading “REVIEW: Father of Flies (2021)”

REVIEW: Blast a.k.a. Déflagrations (2021)

dir. Vanya Peirani-Vignes Sonia (Nora Arnezader) works for a private company that specializes in de-mining and de-rigging bombs, a line of work which comes home when she finds herself trapped in a car rigged with explosives, along with her son and her partner’s daughter. Now she and her colleagues must race against the clock before theyContinue reading “REVIEW: Blast a.k.a. Déflagrations (2021)”

REVIEW: We’re All Going to the World’s Fair (2021)

dir. Jane Schoebrun Director Schoebrun‘s feature debut taps into something very primal in us all: a need to belong, and find our place in the world. But what happens when the world, in all its glory and horror, is merely a click away? Late one cold night teenager Casey (Anna Cobb) decides to take theContinue reading “REVIEW: We’re All Going to the World’s Fair (2021)”

REVIEW: The Righteous (2021)

dir. Mark O’Brien Following the death of their daughter, former priest Frederic (Henry Czerny) spends his days grieving with wife Ethel (Mimi Kuzyk), and – although both are bearing up stoically under the weight of their crushing loss – a dread claws at the edges of Frederic’s psyche: wracked with Catholic guilt, he can’t shakeContinue reading “REVIEW: The Righteous (2021)”

REVIEW: Tarumama a.k.a. Llanto Maldito (2021)

dir. Andres Beltran Director Beltran’s sophomore feature follows a couple whose marriage is on rocky ground. Their solution? A family holiday with their two children to a cabin in the woods. Any horror fan can judge this to be a poor idea, and soon things are going bump in the night as they start toContinue reading “REVIEW: Tarumama a.k.a. Llanto Maldito (2021)”

REVIEW: Shot in the Dark a.k.a. Moon Lane (2021)

dir. Keene McRae That sound you can hear is the audience catching their breath after an hour and a half in the company of this taut, chilling, purposefully unpleasant watch. Landing us in an American town gripped by fear and paranoia as a serial killer prowls the streets, Shot in the Dark focuses on aContinue reading “REVIEW: Shot in the Dark a.k.a. Moon Lane (2021)”

REVIEW: Happy Times (2019)

dir. Michael Mayer Michael Mayer’s second feature comes from the robust subgenre of a dinner party gone wrong. A group of ‘friends’ join together for a meal in a swanky house in the middle of LA, where long standing resentments and simmering tension give way to explosive outbursts of violence. The roster of characters areContinue reading “REVIEW: Happy Times (2019)”

REVIEW: The Night Belongs To Monsters a.k.a. Las noches son de los monstruos (2021)

dir. Sebastien Perillo As the metaphor goes, when one is experiencing a sense of despair it feels like you are being followed around by a big black dog. Well, what if this theory was turned on its head, and during times of misery it was in fact a big white dog that came after you?Continue reading “REVIEW: The Night Belongs To Monsters a.k.a. Las noches son de los monstruos (2021)”