INTERVIEW: Cody Calahan, director THE OAK ROOM (2020)

“You always hope that the next generation will be better, and that fear of passing down any bad traits is scary” MINOR SPOILERS 2021 is proving to be a big year for Cody Calahan. With both Vicious Fun and this month’s The Oak Room giving genre fans a rope-a-dope punch to the face, we satContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Cody Calahan, director THE OAK ROOM (2020)”

REVIEW: Vicious Fun (2020)

dir. Cody Calahan. Things are not going well for Joel (Evan Marsh): as a horror mag writer who’s tired of the same old tropes, an early scene sees him berating a hack producer for slow moving killers and jump-scares that diffuse suspense. Things aren’t much better at home, where he pines over his glamourous housemateContinue reading “REVIEW: Vicious Fun (2020)”