TOP 10: The Walking Dead Episodes

Spoilers When a show airs for longer than a decade, it stands to reason that some of its seasons wind up being better than others. It’s unusual for a programme to continuously improve on what came before (although it can be done, eh, Bates Motel fans?) instead of the quality fluctuating a little. But thatContinue reading “TOP 10: The Walking Dead Episodes”

REVIEW: The Walking Dead – Season 10C (2021)

Much like the ever-mutating zombies that shuffle about in its every episode, The Walking Dead has evolved into a different beast than it once was across its ten seasons. What started out as a story about a small, nomadic group trying to stay alive in an apocalyptic world has gone on to become a larger-scaleContinue reading “REVIEW: The Walking Dead – Season 10C (2021)”