REVIEW: Bloodthirsty (2020)

dir. Amelia Moses Grey (Lauren Beatty) is a pop musician struggling to find her voice after the smash success of her first album. When reclusive record producer Vaughn (Greg Bryk) expresses interest in recording her sophomore outing she and her girlfriend Charlie (Katharine King So) venture to stay in his isolated, snow-capped home to immerseContinue reading “REVIEW: Bloodthirsty (2020)”

REVIEW: Lapsis (2020)

dir. Noah Hutton. Stories centred on the anxiety of computer networks have been a part of the sci-fi landscape since the 1980s, with works like William Gibson’s cyberpunk-noir novel Neuromancer exploring the sinister side of a more globally connected world. As the internet became a tangible reality in the 90s techno-thrillers emerged as a cinematicContinue reading “REVIEW: Lapsis (2020)”