REVIEW: A Little More Flesh II (2021)

dir. Sam Ashurst. There’s a story that when Sam Ashurst’s A Little More Flesh premiered at the Starburst International Film Festival in 2020 the first post-screening question he was asked – by a moderator no less – was if he wanted to apologise for the film, so offended was that person by what they’d justContinue reading “REVIEW: A Little More Flesh II (2021)”

INTERVIEW: Sam Ashurst, writer / director, A LITTLE MORE FLESH

I describe my stuff as being arthouse meets grindhouse. With his big beard, slicked back hair, dark tee and matching suit jacket, Sam Ashurst looks every inch the cult leader, an impression bolstered as he starts to speak. “I’m definitely a weirdo,” he smiles, staring down the barrel of the webcam; “I’m trying to useContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Sam Ashurst, writer / director, A LITTLE MORE FLESH”

REVIEW: A Little More Flesh (2020)

dir. Sam Ashurst. As anyone who listens to the Arrow Video Podcast will know, director Sam Ashurst is a man who loves his blu-ray commentaries. As such it seems only natural – yet utterly original – that one should form the backbone of his sophomore outing. Ostensibly a film within a film, A Little MoreContinue reading “REVIEW: A Little More Flesh (2020)”