TOP 10: Films of 2021

It’s been another tough year across the board, but horror cinema has continued to thrive, showcasing a veritable smorgasbord of incredible films. Here we polled our contributors to come up with our Top 10 of 2021… 10. Come True Anthony Scott Burns’ film is a cracking combination of Carpenter and Craven, a nightmarish journey withContinue reading “TOP 10: Films of 2021”

REVIEW: Alone With You (2021)

dir. Emily Bennett & Justin Brooks Horror can lift our spirits, bring us joy and help us escape reality: but it’s also a genre that can devastate, punch audiences in the gut and expose the darkness that exists. This is where Alone With You hits, a film opening with lightness and hope before giving wayContinue reading “REVIEW: Alone With You (2021)”

REVIEW: Val (2021)

dir. Aaron Fradkin Taking a familiar set-up (an on-the-run criminal breaks into the home of a high-class escort) this latest work from director Aaron Fradkin (who co-writes with Victoria Fratz) skilfully manages to break free of predictability. For Val, both the character and film, is a breath of fresh air. Delightfully breezy without taking itselfContinue reading “REVIEW: Val (2021)”

REVIEW: Miracle Valley (2021)

dir. Greg Sestero A work whose reputation proceeds it, Miracle Valley draws from American cults and fashions a narrative that is initially interesting, before becoming a bit tired. Following photographer David (Greg Sestero) and his girlfriend Sarah (Angela Mariano) as they journey out to a desert holiday destination and meet up with friends, it startsContinue reading “REVIEW: Miracle Valley (2021)”

REVIEW: Hellbender (2021)

dir. John Adams, Zelda Adams & Toby Poser A mother and her daughter Izzy (played by directors Proser and Zelda Adams respectively) live out in the woods, keeping to themselves. But as Izzy grows up she becomes aware that there is something more to her family: they have a power that is intoxicating but also,Continue reading “REVIEW: Hellbender (2021)”

REVIEW: The Guest Room a.k.a. La Stanza (2021)

dir. Stefano Lodovichi When a knock at the door prevents Stella (Camilla Filippi) from going through with her plan to kill herself, a stranger arrives who seems to know slightly too much about her. Things get even more complicated when her ex-husband, whose departure is the catalyst for her suicidal intentions, returns to the house.Continue reading “REVIEW: The Guest Room a.k.a. La Stanza (2021)”

REVIEW: Tarumama a.k.a. Llanto Maldito (2021)

dir. Andres Beltran Director Beltran’s sophomore feature follows a couple whose marriage is on rocky ground. Their solution? A family holiday with their two children to a cabin in the woods. Any horror fan can judge this to be a poor idea, and soon things are going bump in the night as they start toContinue reading “REVIEW: Tarumama a.k.a. Llanto Maldito (2021)”

REVIEW: Shot in the Dark a.k.a. Moon Lane (2021)

dir. Keene McRae That sound you can hear is the audience catching their breath after an hour and a half in the company of this taut, chilling, purposefully unpleasant watch. Landing us in an American town gripped by fear and paranoia as a serial killer prowls the streets, Shot in the Dark focuses on aContinue reading “REVIEW: Shot in the Dark a.k.a. Moon Lane (2021)”

REVIEW: Happy Times (2019)

dir. Michael Mayer Michael Mayer’s second feature comes from the robust subgenre of a dinner party gone wrong. A group of ‘friends’ join together for a meal in a swanky house in the middle of LA, where long standing resentments and simmering tension give way to explosive outbursts of violence. The roster of characters areContinue reading “REVIEW: Happy Times (2019)”

REVIEW: The Spore (2021)

dir. D.M. Cunningham D.M. Cunningham’s feature debut is certainly timely, chronicling the devastating impact of a respiratory illness on an initially disconnected group of strangers. As these individuals go about their day-to-day lives we see more and more signs of a virus taking hold as the narrative aims to show the sprawling nature of anContinue reading “REVIEW: The Spore (2021)”