ANALYSIS: The Return of The Creature Feature, The Monstrous Feminine and The Final Boy in BLOOD RED SKY (2021)

Spoilers Netflix’s latest horror Blood Red Sky, directed by Peter Thorwarth, follows protagonist Nadja (Peri Baumeister) and her young son Elias (Carl Anton Koch). Nadja suffers from a mysterious illness and needs to travel from Germany to America to find a cure. The film implies that she suffers from Leukaemia as she wears a wigContinue reading “ANALYSIS: The Return of The Creature Feature, The Monstrous Feminine and The Final Boy in BLOOD RED SKY (2021)”

REVIEW: Fear Street Part 3 – 1666 (2021)

dir. Leigh Janiak. When we last saw Deena (Kiana Madeira) she was crouched over the bones of Sarah Fier – the notorious Shadyside witch whose curse on the local community has driven countless people to become serial killers during the 300 years since her execution. Deena had been trying to reunite Sarah’s body with herContinue reading “REVIEW: Fear Street Part 3 – 1666 (2021)”

REVIEW: Fear Street Part 2 – 1978 (2021)

dir. Leigh Janiak. It’s the summer of ’78 and Camp Nightwing is in full swing, teens from the rival towns of Sunnyvale and Shadyside ramping up for their annual Color War games, whilst counsellors have sex and smoke pot. But the legend of Sarah Fier still haunts the edges of their collective consciousness, with darkContinue reading “REVIEW: Fear Street Part 2 – 1978 (2021)”

REVIEW: Fear Street Part 1 – 1994 (2021)

dir. Leigh Janiak. Horror traditions always come in cycles, reflecting and shaping cinematic tastes through different ghoulish lenses. And whilst it’s been a while since we had a slasher revival – arguably not since 1996’s Scream rebooted the sub-genre with its cine-literate smarts – there has been an ongoing resurgence in 80s-baiting material which simultaneouslyContinue reading “REVIEW: Fear Street Part 1 – 1994 (2021)”

REVIEW: Army of the Dead (2021)

dir. Zack Snyder. After his divisive adaptions of DC characters Zack Snyder returns to the world of zombies for the first time in almost 20 years, following his hugely successful reboot of Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. The scene is set early on, with soldiers transporting a mysterious container whilst theorising about what lurks within:Continue reading “REVIEW: Army of the Dead (2021)”

ANALYSIS: Army of the Dead trailer

It’s been 17 years since Zack Snyder reinvigorated the zombie genre with his remake of Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, but with the new trailer for his Netflix original Army of the Dead dropping today he looks set to do it all over again. A lot has changed in the intervening years, not least withContinue reading “ANALYSIS: Army of the Dead trailer”