TOP 10: Films of 2021

It’s been another tough year across the board, but horror cinema has continued to thrive, showcasing a veritable smorgasbord of incredible films. Here we polled our contributors to come up with our Top 10 of 2021… 10. Come True Anthony Scott Burns’ film is a cracking combination of Carpenter and Craven, a nightmarish journey withContinue reading “TOP 10: Films of 2021”

31 DAYS OF HORROR #24: Jerry Sampson on THE DARK AND THE WICKED (2020)

Spoilers Horror critic and screenwriter Jerry Sampson examines Bryan Bertino’s 2020 shocker, and the layers of family lies, secrets and trauma within… The thing about fear is that it can elude you if you indulge too often. You begin to forget how heavily that pit sits in your stomach, the faint taste of iron inContinue reading “31 DAYS OF HORROR #24: Jerry Sampson on THE DARK AND THE WICKED (2020)”

REVIEW: We Need to Do Something (2021)

dir. Sean King O’Grady There is something wonderful to be said for a simple story: a single location, a primitive struggle for survival, the complexities of family dynamics condensed into ninety-seven minutes of horror. This is the offer of director Sean King O’Grady’s mid-pandemic feature debut.  After a storm forces a family to seek shelterContinue reading “REVIEW: We Need to Do Something (2021)”

REVIEW: Two Witches (2021)

dir. Pierre Tsigaridis Matriarchal power and ancestral inheritance drive the titular Two Witches in this violent and often hilarious feature debut from Pierre Tsigaridis. Told in several chapters and an epilogue, the lore here is captivating, with imagery that delights and a story that, whilst at times a bit disjointed, ultimately pleases with its boundaryContinue reading “REVIEW: Two Witches (2021)”