INTERVIEW: Adam Stovall, writer / director A GHOST WAITS (2020)

“You have to have faith that you’re not alone in this world, and that if you want to see something someone else wants to see it too” SPOILERS AND SUICIDE THEME Adam Stovall has had an incredible year. After the world premiere of A Ghost Waits in February 2020 at FrightFest Glasgow his feature debutContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Adam Stovall, writer / director A GHOST WAITS (2020)”

REVIEW: A Ghost Waits (2020)

dir. Adam Stovall. Romantic love is, perhaps, one of the hardest things to capture on screen, too often reduced to airbrushed swoon, comedic fumbling or saccharine cheese. But real connection – the meeting of two hearts and minds – is rare. So when it happens, it’s magic. Writer / director Adam Stovall has captured justContinue reading “REVIEW: A Ghost Waits (2020)”