“It pacified my soul”: the comfort of horror

The other day at work I did some training on human trafficking, and I’m not ashamed to say it rocked me back on my heels. I’ve been a social worker for 8 years, and like most people in Children’s Services I consider myself fairly resilient: someone with a reasonably thick skin, able to spend myContinue reading ““It pacified my soul”: the comfort of horror”

Top 5 Directors Who Should Reboot Transformers

Man, I love Transformers. Naturally I’m referring here to the 1986 animated feature: I remember my dad getting a copy on Betamax back in the late 80s and it has remained pretty much undiminished in my affections ever since. Then in 2007 Michael Bay launched his live-action bot-fest. As a fan of Bad Boys andContinue reading “Top 5 Directors Who Should Reboot Transformers”

7 Ways to Celebrate Alien Day like an Ultimate Badass

Stop your grinning and drop you linen Marines! Alien Day is upon us once more, and with it geekdom will be joyfully celebrating all things Xeno. So here are 7 ways you can get down with your inner Ripley: 1.Take the day off work With live events and competitions running all day on Twitter, Facebook andContinue reading “7 Ways to Celebrate Alien Day like an Ultimate Badass”

The Walking Dead Season 7 finale reaction

Don’t Open: Spoilers Inside To be clear, The Walking Dead season 7 was a bunkum sandwich: book-ended by great episodes, the middle 14 limped along like a moribund zombie. With characters behaving with little semblance of developed motivation, we were also stuck for weeks at a time with supporting players doing nothing much at all.Continue reading “The Walking Dead Season 7 finale reaction”

My 2016: A Review of the Year in Film – Part 2

Following on from my earlier blog – which covered the 187 movies (and 9 TV seasons) I watched in 2016 – this post delves a little deeper into the very best of that particular bunch. As per my previous disclaimer, I haven’t been able to watch every theatrical release of 2016, so there may be (probably are) filmsContinue reading “My 2016: A Review of the Year in Film – Part 2”

The (Final) Problem with Sherlock Season 4

Caution, mystery lovers. Spoilers lie within I used to really love BBC’s Sherlock. When it first aired back in 2010, Benedict Cumberbatch’s high functioning sociopath was a welcome slap to the face: here was Holmes for the Millennium – acerbic, misanthropic, brilliant. And with Martin Freeman as PTSD suffering army vet Watson, this was aContinue reading “The (Final) Problem with Sherlock Season 4”

My 2016: A Review of the Year in Film – Part 1

For many 2016 will be remembered as a bad year, with massive political upsets and a slew of high profile celebrity deaths (continuing, unbelievably, right to the last few days). In contrast, my personal cinematic journey through 2016 has been something rather celebratory: I got to meet film heroes of mine Michael Biehn, Mark Kermode andContinue reading “My 2016: A Review of the Year in Film – Part 1”

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas: the best presents for the geek in your life

No doubt about it: 2016 has been a shocker, and frankly we could all do with some Christmas cheer to end this year on a high. I know, I know: it’s still November (just). But with less that four weeks to go it’s time to sweep those Bah Humbugs to one side, pull on your favourite festive jumper, and get downContinue reading “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas: the best presents for the geek in your life”

Blood baths and faith films: why The Passion and Saw have more in common than you think

2004 was a funny year for film, kick-starting (or at the very least re-vitalising) two cinematic trends that continue to this day. Firstly, it was the year of Mel Gibson’s self-financed film The Passion of the Christ. A gory retelling of the final hours of Jesus’ life, it demonstrated that there was life in the Biblical epicContinue reading “Blood baths and faith films: why The Passion and Saw have more in common than you think”

The Walking Dead: Season 7 premiere reaction

Spoilers! Just when you thought the apocalypse couldn’t get any more grueling, Season 6 of The Walking Dead left our protagonists kneeling in the dust in front of homicidal gang leader Negan. With his barbed wire baseball bat he promised “You are so gonna regret crossing me in a few minutes…” and in the Season 7Continue reading “The Walking Dead: Season 7 premiere reaction”