INTERVIEW: Jed Shepherd, co-writer HOST

“For all new horror film-makers, you don’t need film school: you need a library of horror movies” Jed Shepherd Spoilers HOST has been heralded the most frightening film of recent years. With a boutique blu-ray release out now from Second Sight Films co-writer Jed Shepherd sits down to discuss his Top 10 Scariest Scenes inContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Jed Shepherd, co-writer HOST”

ANALYSIS: “It makes her do certain things. Predator things”: Gender and Violence in POSSESSOR (2020)

Spoilers In the opening moments of POSSESSOR – Brandon Cronenberg’s long awaited sophomore body horror – a woman walks into an upper-class soirée and brutally murders a man with a knife, stabbing him repeatedly in the throat and torso until the floor runs red with gore. It soon becomes apparent that this woman is quiteContinue reading “ANALYSIS: “It makes her do certain things. Predator things”: Gender and Violence in POSSESSOR (2020)”


“Editors are literally the invisible man: the audience never know what was scripted and was created in the cutting room” Mark Towns Spoilers for SAINT MAUD Mark Towns knows a thing or two about crafting the perfect scare: after racking up awards for his documentary work, he’s gone on to cut together some of theContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Mark Towns, Editor SAINT MAUD; CENSOR”

INTERVIEW: Graham Hughes, writer/director DEATH OF A VLOGGER

Once you can no longer tell the difference between truth and reality, atrocities can be committed Graham Hughes A breakout hit at FrightFest 2019, indie-shocker Death of a Vlogger has rapidly gained a cult following among genre fans for mixing genuine scares with incisive social commentary. Here we sit down with multi-hyphenate writer-director-editor-star Graham HughesContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Graham Hughes, writer/director DEATH OF A VLOGGER”

INTERVIEW: Sam Ashurst, writer / director, A LITTLE MORE FLESH

I describe my stuff as being arthouse meets grindhouse. Sam Ashurst With his big beard, slicked back hair, dark tee and matching suit jacket, Sam Ashurst looks every inch the cult leader, an impression bolstered as he starts to speak. “I’m definitely a weirdo,” he smiles, staring down the barrel of the webcam; “I’m tryingContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Sam Ashurst, writer / director, A LITTLE MORE FLESH”

REVIEW: The Stylist (2020)

dir. Jill Gevargizian. Working evenings at a Kansas City hair salon, Claire (Najarra Townsend) is desperately lonely, her only human contact with the barista who serves her morning coffee and the clients who sit in her chair. As the opening scene shows the latter sometimes comes with a surprising level of disclosure as one womanContinue reading “REVIEW: The Stylist (2020)”

REVIEW: Embryo (2020)

dir. Patricio Valladares. Opening with a stunning time-lapse of the night sky spinning overhead, radio chatter informs us that two tourists are missing and a suspicious couple are wanted in connection with their disappearance. The scene cuts to shaky-cam found footage of a woman apparently fleeing, before cutting again to intertitles explaining that Snowdevil MountainContinue reading “REVIEW: Embryo (2020)”

REVIEW: Cyst (2020)

dir. Tyler Russell. Patricia (Eva Habermann) is having a rotten day. Working for mad skin clinician Dr Guy (George Hardy) is bad enough, as he merrily punctures pus filled boils and sends showers of discharge over her, but today’s also the day when he has the patent office in to sign off on his newContinue reading “REVIEW: Cyst (2020)”

REVIEW: The World We Knew (2020)

dir. Matthew Benjamin Jones and Luke Skinner. When a heist goes awry an eclectic band of criminals retreat to a countryside rendezvous, informed by their minder Carpenter (Finbar Lynch) they have a rat in their crew. Handing over their guns and awaiting further instructions, they drink, do coke, tell stories and relive past glories, whilstContinue reading “REVIEW: The World We Knew (2020)”

REVIEW: Woman of the Photographs (2020)

dir. Takeshi Kushida. Kai (Hideki Nagai) spends his days alone: between retouching photos for fretful female clients, attending the local all-male bath-house and evening meals for one (shared with his pet preying mantis), his is a solitary existence. But when he encounters injured influencer Kyoko (Itsuki Otaki) on a woodland walk his cloistered life isContinue reading “REVIEW: Woman of the Photographs (2020)”