REVIEW: Held (2020) – Arrow Video FrightFest Digital Edition 2

dir. Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing. When Emma (Jilly Awbrey) and Henry Barrett (Bart Johnson) check into a secluded getaway for some much needed marriage time, it’s clear that not all is well. Aside from the creepy taxi driver who drops Emma off and the mysterious space beneath the kitchen units, there’s also a distanceContinue reading “REVIEW: Held (2020) – Arrow Video FrightFest Digital Edition 2”

INTERVIEW: Dan Martin, Effects Artist

Dan Martin has made his name in blood. Not literally you understand, but as the effects artist behind The Human Centipede II (2011), Lords of Chaos (2018) and the upcoming Posesssor (2020) he’s garnered a reputation as the man you call when you want creative gore on screen. Here he sits down for a career-spanningContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Dan Martin, Effects Artist”

REVIEW: Nail In The Coffin – The Fall and Rise of Vampiro (2019)

dir. Michael Paszt. Back in the 90’s, Canadian bruiser Ian Hodgkinson arrived in Mexico City not speaking a word of Spanish and quickly established himself as an unlikely legend in Lucha Libre Mexican Wrestling. Painted in goth makeup and going by the name “Vampiro”, his is an incredible story, in the truest sense: both remarkable inContinue reading “REVIEW: Nail In The Coffin – The Fall and Rise of Vampiro (2019)”

REVIEW: Death Ranch (2020) – Grimmfest 2020 Online Edition

dir. Charlie Steeds. After breaking out of prison Brandon (Deiondre Teagle) goes on the run across 1970s Tennessee, aided by his siblings Angela and Clarence. But in the rural backwaters the African American family stumble across a cannibalistic tribe of Ku Klux Klan troglodytes, and must decide to take up arms if they are toContinue reading “REVIEW: Death Ranch (2020) – Grimmfest 2020 Online Edition”

REVIEW: Relic (2020)

dir. Natalie Erika James. Following the disappearance of her elderly mother, Kay (Emily Mortimer) returns to the family home with daughter Sam (Bella Heathcote) to search for her. But when Edna reappears, disorientated and reluctant- or unable – to disclose where she’s been, the multi-generational triptych are left circling each other with growing distrust asContinue reading “REVIEW: Relic (2020)”

REVIEW: Unearth (2020) – Grimmfest 2020 Online Edition

dir. John. C. Lyons & Dorota Swies. Life has been hard on rural mechanic George (Marc Blucas): his wife’s left him, their teenage daughter’s just had a baby and with customers going to big franchise garages he’s struggling to make ends meet. Things aren’t much better for his neighbours the Dolans, headed by matriarch KathrynContinue reading “REVIEW: Unearth (2020) – Grimmfest 2020 Online Edition”

REVIEW: The Special (2020) – Grimmfest 2020 Online Edition

dir. B. Harrison Smith. Suspecting his wife of infidelity, ad exec Jerry (Davy Raphaely) is persuaded by best bud Mike (Dave Sheridan) that the only way to get revenge is with his own one night stand. However the fling Mike has in mind is somewhat unconventional, and involves taking Jerry to a psychic-cum-brothel where aContinue reading “REVIEW: The Special (2020) – Grimmfest 2020 Online Edition”

REVIEW: 12 Hour Shift – Grimmfest 2020 Online Edition

dir. Brea Grant. Nurse Mandy (Angela Bettis) is having a bad day: as well as working a double at the local hospital, her cousin Regina (Chloe Farnworth) has just started her new job as the go-between in an organ trafficking ring, supplying fresh guts to some local gangsters. So when Regina misplaces a kidney thatContinue reading “REVIEW: 12 Hour Shift – Grimmfest 2020 Online Edition”

REVIEW: Alone (2020) – Grimmfest 2020 Online Edition

dir. John Hyams. Following the end of a relationship, Jess (Jules Willcox) packs up her belongings – or as much as will fit – into a U-Haul trailer and heads out of the city. She’s heading North, looking for a new start, but after a near miss on the road she starts to notice theContinue reading “REVIEW: Alone (2020) – Grimmfest 2020 Online Edition”

INTERVIEW: Matt Glasby, author of “The Book of Horror: The Anatomy of Fear in Film”

Author Matt Glasby knows his horror. An international film journo with credits at Total Film, GQ and SFX, he’s spent plenty of time in the dark, and – with the publication of his new tome “The Book of Horror: The Anatomy of Fear in Film” – it shows. Here we sit down to discuss allContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Matt Glasby, author of “The Book of Horror: The Anatomy of Fear in Film””