• ANALYSIS: The 90’s Slasher Cycle

    In 1996, Scream changed everything. But what came next? Becky Darke breaks it down… The state of slasher films in the 1990s is notorious among horror fans, following a period of over-saturation from juggernaut franchises and, later, the subgenre’s rejuvenation through director Wes Craven’s and writer/producer Kevin Williamson’s spearheading of teen slashers 2.0.  A new […]

  • TOP 10: Supernatural Slashers

    Sometimes, they come back. Kim Morrison aims for the head as she counts down the Top 10 times that slashers went supernatural… Slasher movies often follow a formula so simple that Randy had a whole rant about it in Scream (1996). There’s a killer, often in a memorable mask and/or costume, who likes stalking and […]

  • ANALYSIS: “His name was Jason” – cycles of grief in FRIDAY THE 13th (1980)

    Spoilers Everyone knows the story of Camp Crystal Lake. But could it be that beneath the surface of this seminal slasher there are deeper themes of grief, loss and trauma? Tim Coleman makes the case… The original Friday the 13th, famously, doesn’t feature Jason Vorhees: unless one’s counting the final jump-scare which may / may […]