REVIEW: The Goldsmith a.k.a. L’orafo (2022)

dir. Vincenzo Ricchiuto

A trio of thieves break into the home of a jewellery maker and his wife in an attempt to steal his most valuable work. All seems to go to plan until the door closes and they get stuck inside, and the true nature of this older couple is revealed; one filled with dark, twisted secrets.

Starting as your basic home invasion thriller with a slow build that never drags, there’s a gritty texture from the off before things quickly descend into torture-filled revenge: fair warning, if you are grossed out by eye-based trauma this might not be the one for you, with the optic globes coming in for considerable pain. 

Even if a handful of moments don’t always work (two characters watching porn doesn’t really add much) and some threads are left unresolved the narrative nevertheless compels, with The Goldsmith (L’orafo) guaranteed to keep audiences guessing until the end.

© Mark Goddard


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