REVIEW: Torn Hearts (2022)

dir. Brea Grant

Tired: horror movies that depict Southerners as inbred killer hillbillies. Wired: director Brea Grant bringing horror to the Southern glitz of rising pop-country stars. 

Leigh (Alexxis Lemire) and Jordan (an outstanding Abby Quinn) are the titular “Torn Hearts”, a two-piece country duo playing the small stages of Nashville who are ready to hit the big time. When a fellow musician gives them the home address of country superstar-turned-recluse Harper Dutch (Katey Sagal) — formerly of legendary duo The Dutchess Sisters —they see it as an opportunity to collaborate with their idol. However Harper’s sister Hope died by suicide at the height of their success, and now Leigh and Jordan start to unravel the mystery of her death — just as their own relationship begins to fray. 

A horror about sisterhood, success and what we’re willing to do to follow our dreams, Torn Hearts trades in themes of power and manipulation, punctuated by an unhinged performance by Sagal who fluctuates between sickly-sweet mentorship, unpredictable unease and off-the-rails violence. The result is a fun foray into rivalry, greed and why they say to never meet your heroes.

© Mae Murray


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