REVIEW: Cerebrum (2022)

dir. Sébastien Blanc 

After a car accident leaves him in a coma, William (Tobi King Bakare) finally awakes to return home with his adopted father (Sightseers‘ Steve Oram). But when he asks to see his mother who was in the car with him, William soon discovers that his dad is keeping her near-death body in the house in an attempt to pass her consciousness into another vessel.

Dark, grim and atmospheric, director Blanc’s feature debut is fantastic, blending sci-fi and horror into a delightful genre serum. The performances in particular shine, Tobi King Bakare oozing guilt as his mental health crumbles over what he has done, whilst Steve Oram’s grief-stricken insanity – and twisted plan to get his wife back – set his creepy dad vibe into overdrive.

With a bleak final act, Cerebrum makes for a fascinating examination of the different paths two men take to deal with loss.

© Mark Goddard


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