REVIEW: Wreck (2022) – Episode One

dir. Chris Baugh

Aboard an enormous cruise ship, Jamie (Oscar Kennedy) is seeking answers about the mysterious disappearance of his sister Pippa (Jodie Tyack) three months before. To avoid suspicion Jamie goes undercover, meeting the no-nonsense Vivian (Thaddea Graham) at enrolment as they tour the massive vessel with Karen (Harriet Webb), their leader and tormentor.

Alongside the humour, Wreck takes aim at the seedy underbelly of cruise ship life, with comments made about the onboard mortuary and the efficient cover up of Pippa’s disappearance. Behind the shiny veneer of the promenades and oyster bars there are the cliques, hazing of new staff, drugs, violence and murder all taking place below deck.

Equally compelling is the examination of how being surrounded by so many people can make you lonely, when in frustration Jamie cries out into the open sea and no one notices. They are in a floating prison – constantly observed by thousands of cameras – and yet, quite literally, there is no one to hear them scream. 

As the mystery deepens what emerges is a thoroughly postmodern slasher with a wry sense of self-awareness. It’s clear that the creators have a deep love for the horror genre, with nods and winks to classics throughout. This peppers an extra level of fun to the bloodshed, ensuring that whilst the creators have touched on important themes this is not at the expense of a good time. 

Wreck then mixes humour, tensions and gore to introduce a darkly entertaining series. The characters are well developed – and well-cast – with a refreshing mix of backgrounds and the story has all the hallmarks of the best slasher films, with a splattering of blood and a mysterious knife wielding duck that stalks the corridors and residents. 

© Megan Kenny


Wreck is an upcoming comedy horror series coming soon to BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

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