REVIEW: Scare Package II – Rad Chad’s Revenge (2022)

dir. Aaron B. Koontz; Alexandra Barreto (Welcome to the 90s); Anthony Cousins (The Night He Came Back Again Part VI: The Night She Came Back); Jed Shepherd (Special Edition); Rachele Wiggins (We’re So Dead)

As with the original Scare Package (2019) this sequel is an anthology of horror-comedy shorts covering several sub-genres. But like the best follow-ups it doesn’t just re-(scare)package more of the same: it serves fans familiar beats mixed with surprises and new ideas. 

Referencing other films that are also seconds in a franchise, Rad Chad’s Revenge nods to everything from Saw II (2005) to Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987). There’s plenty winks to other well-known films as well – such as Stand By Me (1986) – along with deep cuts for genre aficionados (like Maria Olsen wheeling a TV into a funeral, recalling her role in portmanteau All the Creatures Were Stirring, 2018). If you know, you know.  

More time is spent on the wrap-around story this time and there are fewer segments, however the stories chosen are excellent and bring both the comedic energy and horror adoration that can be expected from Paper Street Pictures. What’s more fans of Buffy, slashers franchises and found footage will be delighted, with one segment evoking [REC]2 (2009). The result is – whatever your macabre preference – a dark and unbridled joy.

© Ariel Powers-Schaub


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