REVIEW: Croc! (2022)

dir. Paul W. Franklin

An idyllic country wedding.  An adulterous groom. The Midland’s answer to Jason Momoa. And lots of tasty guests with one very large, very hungry crocodile. The result? The latest entry in a long line of micro budget/giant monster massacre flicks. 

Ever since 1975, when audiences were cancelling their seaside holidays after being terrified by Jaws, creature features have been big business. Spielberg’s classic spawned countless sequels, parodies and imitations, and Croc! slips into these same waters, following a group of young, attractive wedding guests striving to survive after an uninvited man-muncher crashes the ceremony. Who will live to see the honeymoon, and do we care?

Director Franklin sets the tone firmly to amuse rather than terrify, the script sometimes succeeding with lines that will bring a smirk to even the most hardened critic. Yet the titular monster is remarkably underwhelming and where previous parodies – such as Piranha – balance comedy and gore nimbly, Croc! sinks rather than swims. Still, there’s a sense of fun amongst the cast, with each inexplicable remark or decision carried out with a knowing wink. 

Whilst Croc! is never likely to win any awards it could be perfect to watch with a likeminded, good-humoured and possibly inebriated crowd. 

© Alex Kronenburg


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