REVIEW: Some Like It Rare (2021)

dir. Fabrice Éboué

Everyone enjoys a good love story. But when affections begin to fade, are there any lengths too extreme to reignite that forgotten spark? For Vincent (director Fabrice Éboué) and Sophie Pascal (Marina Foïs), the answer is a deranged no.

The owners of a failing butcher shop, the couple stumble upon a stroke of fate in the form of juicy, marbled vegans. And if that sounds a little nuts it’s only scratching the surface. This hilarious pitch-black comedy crosses line after line: a little bit horror, a little bit romance, it manages to stuff a ton of charm into the cinematic sausage.

Éboué and Foïs are fantastic as Vincent and Sophie open themselves up to new opportunities and they start to recapture the thrill of their marriage, the previously emasculated Vincent finding his voice and strength to save their relationship from boredom and failure.

It’s not all irreverent shock though. Touching on animal cruelty, economic insecurity, the roles of men and women in society, and the depths of depravity that desperation can drag one to, the film avoids proselytizing, mainly because no one side is presented as better than the other. Hilarious interactions with the vegan community, including daughter Chloe (Lisa Do Couto) and her self-righteous boyfriend (Victor Meutelet), result in a playful criticism of extreme activism that never comes off feeling mean or overly judgmental.

Some Like it Rare is a prime cut: a simple story told in bloody, endearing fashion, and one that never fails to draw gasps as it slices through taboos. Audiences looking for some sweetness with a salty side of vegan ham will be chomping at the bit.


Jerry Sampson

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